The Village Boy brand is an initiative which mainly centres around stand-up comedy that focuses on how Learnmore Mwanyenyeka aka Long John grew up and was raised by his grandparents in a small rural village in Zimbabwe called chimanimani. The act follows his journey from being in the village dreaming to be an international stand-up comedian. Long john talks from a unique comical perspective and has a very animated act for the audience to enjoy.

The Village Boy explores the views of a village boy learning different cultures, life lessons, traditions, relationships, and more. Having travelled part of the world in places like United Kingdom, South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland etc and performing in world class comedy clubs like Parker’s Comedy Club, Cape Town Comedy Club, Goliath Comedy Club and more.

The initiative also taps into the Social tapestry and seeks to expand its reach and audience to those populations were laughter comes as a curative measure. These populations shall include but not limited to Prisons, Old people’s homes, Orphanages and any Lobbying partnerships the initiative may be called into. The Village boy in this regard seeks collaboration from the corporate world to best and effectively reach that population so that in the process of doing so various donations may be made as well, as people get a laugh.

The Village boy: giving a Laugh, Touching a Life.